Our DRAWing Boards are all about design thinking. Sometimes that means we talk about buildings. Other times that means we talk about whiskey. And recently we got to spend an hour exploring the design-centered world of brand identity.

Guest presenter, Meghan Still – a designer at Washington, DC-based identity and brand consulting firm, Beveridge Seay – gave us a professional insider’s tour of the process involved with successfully creating a brand. Interesting and enlightening, Meghan’s presentation defined the idea of “brand” to us in a much broader-reaching way, beyond just a logo, and it demonstrated the strong parallels that exist between designing a brand and designing a space or a place.

Of equal interest to us, Meghan’s presentation allowed us to view our own DRAW brand through a new lens, which was very timely, as we will be launching a new DRAW 2.o brand in Januray. Stay tuned for that!

One parting message that still resonates: In reality, a brand isn’t about what you say about yourself. It’s about what others say about you.

Many thanks go to Meghan and our friends at Beveridge Seay for sharing their world with us, and for allowing us to share it with you as well!