John Iiams is a skilled designer with more than a decade of practice in design, visualization, and project management. John’s project experience includes a wide range of projects, from large-scale sports stadiums to commercial offices to single-family residential renovations. This experience exposed John to the complexities of designing and managing varying project types, and it trained him to maintain a mindfulness of overarching project vision and goals while diving deeply into the many critical components that make a project succeed.

John’s experience has enabled him to grow and evolve in his practice, from initial concept design and visualization to a much more comprehensive PA/PM engagement all the way through the construction process. He has emerged as a strong project leader, bringing solid management skills that balance communication, high-quality deliverables, and project vision.

Interesting facts about John:

  • When asked about his inherent skills, John bypasses all those eye-rollingly obvious things like being mechanically inclined, a gifted photographer, and a talented designer, and he goes straight to: “Sleeping!” Evidently, he’s been told numerous times that he’s really awesome at falling and staying asleep. 

  • John’s favorite book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig, for some obvious and some not so obvious reasons. 

  • If you walk into any Best Buy in the country, you’ll see John trying to look really cool on his motorcycle on the latest LG OLED televisions on display. He spent two days riding his motorcycle around with a police escort and a camera crew shooting content for LG to display on their latest, greatest OLED tv screens in Best Buy retail locations. The final outcome: a super close-up shot of John using his best blue steal face. This is simultaneously his most embarrassing and most noteworthy accomplishment. 

  • John owns a community motorcycle garage offering the tools, space, and know-how to help anyone work on their own bike. Basically, his garage offers something akin to a gym membership for your motorcycle. He also enjoys building/customizing his own motorcycles.  

Contact John | john@drawarch.com

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