Julia came to DRAW in 2018 as a graduate of Ball State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a minor in Social and Environmental Justice. During Julia’s time as a student, she experienced a variety of architectural contexts during trips to Chicago, Montreal, Detroit, Flint, Charleston, and Montgomery, among others. These experiences demonstrated to her how space could be wielded as a tool to impart social, economic, and environmental change. Such experiences imparted to her the importance of examining ethics within the architectural profession and challenged to her to explore how architecture could address and challenge preconceived societal notions. 

Various experiences have endowed Julia with a greater understanding of the urban fabric. An apprenticeship at an urban farm examined the complexities of food deserts, and an internship with an arts non-profit implemented opportunity for social connectivity. A three-week long study of urban living strategies in Copenhagen revealed to her the possibility of large-scale human-centered design. All these experiences have greatly influenced her pursuit of great design. 

As a designer at DRAW, Julia draws upon these experiences and her growing knowledge of materials, structures, and constructability to execute design vision and intent for our clients.  

Interesting facts about Julia:  

  • There exists in the world a magical thing called The Voigt Family Pie Recipe. Julia is well into her pie-making apprenticeship, steadily approaching the prestigious rank of Ultimate Pie Master.  

  • According to Julia, she is easily fascinated, which is good...and also problematic. For instance, she loves to read (good), but she is currently 20 pages into 20 different books (problematic). A recent favorite book (which she has finished...we have her word) is Patti Smith’s “Just Kids”.  

  • One of Julia's most memorable travel moments was spent eating the “American Trucker” breakfast in an old-Icelandic-men-occupied dive bar before bicycling around Reykjavik by herself. 

  • In a single, inspired year Julia attended speaking events by Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Bryan Stevenson, and Angela Davis.  

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