As Director of Business Operations, Keri Maginn leads DRAW’s strategic business, marketing and client development efforts with a focus on streamlining business operations, strategic positioning and communication, client relations, and promoting the distinctive DRAW brand and culture. With 18 years of experience in the industry and an educational background in architecture, she lends an informed perspective to her leadership role in the firm and a trained skillset to her contributions as an integrated team member at DRAW.

Keri’s career has included numerous opportunities to hone her skills as a writer. She has authored and co-authored several industry-related books chronicling the design process of buildings such as the Todd Bolender Center for Dance & Creativity, IUB-OCA State Office Building, and Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Interesting facts about Keri:

  • Keri received a full ride to college for her mad skills on the French horn. (She later walked away from that scholarship to pursue a hybrid course of study in English and Architecture.)
  • Though slightly embarrassed about her inherent ability to pick locks, Keri's natural gift of figuring out how things work has resulted in numerous surprising, handy, and occasionally brow-raising skills throughout her life.
  • A hard-core, classic geek in her youth, Keri developed an early and lasting love for the English language. In private moments, she covertly geeks out in the online AP Stylebook or her library of printed style guides. She believes diagramming sentences is among the more enjoyable pastimes.
  • When Keri was six years old, she climbed onto the roof of her childhood home in Oklahoma City wearing a pair of goggles and her dad’s unfurled parachute. She jumped.


Contact Keri | keri@drawarch.com

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