Dan joined DRAW in 2015 as a Principal, bringing more than 25 years of experience to the team in a wide variety of project types. Dedicated to the creation of inspired places, Dan prides himself on active participation during all phases of a project. A strong communicator and designer with an established track record of leading complex projects, he is well-versed in architectural design, public space design and construction detailing. His pursuit of design excellence for his clients has resulted in numerous awards from the AIA, and in multiple feature stories in regional and national design journals. Dwell Magazine and the Kansas City Star, in particular, have commissioned Dan to help provide an insider’s view of the architectural process to those outside of the profession.

A 1989 graduate of Tulane University, Dan is active in providing leadership to the industry on the practice of architecture and the attainment of design excellence. He has presented keynote addresses across the country to AIA chapters on his design work and on best practices for the architectural profession. In 2012, Dan was elected to the AIA College of Fellows, a honor claimed by less than 2% of Architects in the United States.

Interesting facts about Dan:

  • Although considered by many to be a straightforward, no-nonsense businessman, Dan is actually quite sensitive and regularly gets choked up by television commercials. Especially effective are ones in which the guy sees his grown daughter not as she exists now, but as she existed THEN, in the past, like when she was six years old or something. By emotionally connecting with the guy, Dan feels compelled to then buy the thing being advertised.

  • As he enters his fifth decade of life on Planet Earth, Dan has amassed over two dozen humorous life stories involving past experiences and thoughtful observations. By spacing these stories out, he is able to maintain passable conversational interest for business social events lasting up to two hours. In addition, when he runs out of humorous life stories, he is able to provide up to five additional minutes of social value through his accurate mimicry of native American flute music via blowing into a wine bottle.

  • Dan's regular attendance at the St. Joseph Country Club's Saturday Morning Youth Golf Clinic in the mid 1970s has paid off big time. In the past decade, he has won "Closest to the Pin" in four separate Industry Golf Events, racking up an impressive cache of gifts including free oil changes, coupons for significant discounts at fast casual restaurant chains, and some socks. 

  • Dan speaks only English, but can communicate with a wide variety of animal species through the use of clicks and hand gestures.

Contact Dan | dan@drawarch.com

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