Jesse’s love for the environment, both built and natural, led him on a path to the field of architecture. After earning a dual degree in mathematics and physics from Rockhurst University, he found himself at the Ecosa Institute, a total immersion program in ecological design in Prescott, Arizona. Following this, he earned a Master of Architecture and a Certificate in Ecological Design from the University of Oregon. While there, Jesse headed the Ecological Design Center, a student run advocacy group.

Upon graduating, Jesse was eager to move back to Kansas City, which he firmly believes can be a model for prosperity through regional sustainability. At DRAW, Jesse’s passion for ecological design is put to good use. He has had the opportunity to integrate green solutions at all phases of the design process, and is DRAW’s go-to guy for knowledge about sustainable standards, trends and innovations. With a penchant for overseeing Construction Administration, Jesse often takes an integral role in DRAW’s projects once they have broken ground.

Interesting facts about Jesse:

  • Jesse was a star of the NFL in high school.  That's the National Forensics League, where he was a quad ruby recipient, and qualified for the national debate tournament.
  • When Jesse was in 4th grade, he moved from the country to a big city of 1,100 people. The town is Haven, Kansas...which, as he likes to say, is “just an e away from Heaven.”
  • Jesse believes the studies of theoretical physics and eastern theology will someday merge.
  • Jesse does not leave the house without a pocketknife and calculator watch. (As a result, Jesse has a series of designated shrubs throughout the city that shelter his pocketknife during his frequent visits to City Hall and other civic buildings.) 


Contact Jesse | jesse@drawarch.com

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