Dominic (not to be confused with Dominique), is a young designer who harbors an immediately apparent love for design of all scales - from teacup to urban planning, dovetail joint to the spaces between buildings, and everything in between. A thoughtful and deeply curious guy, Dominic also holds the title of “hustler” at DRAW - not in the loose morals kind of way, but in the heads-down-cranking-out-great-work kind of way. He gets things done.

As a student at the University of Kansas, Dominic gained recognition through his multiple-award-winning Design+Build MoCoLab Airstream project, which received a Monsters of Design Award, Contact Design Magazine Inspirations Award, AIA Kansas - Student Architectural Citation Award, and AIA Kansas City - Concept Honor Award. It was also during his college years that he studied abroad in Germany and Switzerland, where he immersed himself in the study of spatial quality, clean line design, and contextually modern architecture and design.

Interesting facts about Dominic:

  • Dominic loves Chicago. He even lived there for a spell. One night, while minding his own business, a bullet flew threw the living room of his apartment in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. He chalked it up as an “urban moment” and claims he would move back there in a heartbeat.
  • Dominic may be the least-photographed millennial alive. In lieu of including photos of Dominic posing with some of the great places he's visited, we had to "recreate" some. 
  • Always in discovery mode, Dominic has a habit of sniffing out new experiences - restaurants, music, destinations, companies, architecture, neighborhoods - which places him in some interesting situations. Among his favorites was a seat at the kitchen counter of Chef Ludo's Trois Mec, an unforgettable food moment in his life.
  • Dominic never uses a calendar to help him track events, meetings or deadlines. (There’s a related bet in play at DRAW using the office “Bettin’ Dollar.”)

Contact Dominic | dominic@drawarch.com

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