A registered architect and LEED Accredited Professional, Joshua brings experience, confidence and energy to his work. After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University, Joshua moved to Kansas City to start his career within the city’s nationally acclaimed architectural scene.

Joshua quickly became known in the KC design community not only as a promising young designer but also as a recognized leader. He is actively involved in the local US Green Building Council Board and AIA KC Pillars Leadership Program Steering Committee, is committed to utilizing the power of design to transform our communities, and is a 2012 graduate of the AIA KC Pillars Leadership Program.

Interesting facts about Joshua:

  • Joshua is naturally gifted at all things “boarding” - skateboarding, snowboarding, surfboarding, wakeboarding - picking them up on his first try and excelling with little or no practice...that is, until he encountered the “terrifying and horrible” (his words) sport of stand-up paddleboarding, at which he appears to be a giraffe on ice.
  • On a cold, windy day some years ago, Joshua was throwing a record-breaking game of bowling (well, his record - he was about to break 100), when he slipped in his follow through, came down on his side...and broke his hip.  Yep, Joshua broke his hip bowling. Unfortunately he did not break his record that day. Just his hip. Bowling.
  • Driving home from work one day, Joshua had the surreal experience of coming face to face with himself - only the other “him” was twenty feet tall and wearing head to toe Lycra. The innocent photo he’d posed for during the previous year’s Tour de Brew bike ride had been plastered on every form of marketing material possible, including a billboard at a bustling intersection in Kansas City.
  • Joshua cannot resist the lure of an extremely hoppy IPA. We at DRAW use this knowledge to our advantage as often as possible.

Contact Joshua | joshua@drawarch.com

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