Jessica graduated from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri with a Bachelors in Architecture and Fine Arts and a minor in Global Studies. She studied abroad in Greece, Egypt and Turkey, where she experienced cultures that have profoundly impacted her work. Since graduation, Jessica has worked in office environments as well as in the field doing construction. She has assisted with all phases of the design process while at DRAW and is known for her exceptional skills at rendering photorealistic design concepts.

We at DRAW have a theory that the most versatile architects are what we call “bilateral,” meaning that they have a good balance of right and left brained tendencies - logic/order/reliability and creativity/inspiration/unpredictability. Jessica is one of these people. Her abilities as an artist very often enrich her work, and her attention to detail and mindfulness of project goals and constraints keep her grounded and hyper focused throughout the design process. As a result, Jessica’s projects tend to be a reflection of her bilateral mind - creative, surprising, highly functional and refined.

Interesting facts about Jessica:

  • Jessica graduated at the top of her class at Drury University, in both architecture and fine arts.
  • A consummate movie buff, it’s not at all uncommon for Jessica and her husband to find themselves having entire conversations using only quotes from movies.
  • In 2016, Jessica completed her 10th full marathon race. She is well on her way to achieving her goal of completing a full marathon in every state.
  • A committed vegetarian, Jessica has the willpower to resist even the most mouth-watering wafting barbeque aromas from our nearby Jack Stack smoker. Wave a box of fruity Dots under her nose, however, and she goes a little weak in the knees.


Contact Jessica | jessica@drawarch.com

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