Marshall is an urban planner at DRAW with expertise in urban design, complete streets, community development, participatory planning, and GIS. He has worked on a range of urban and rural planning projects in London, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York’s Hudson Valley. In Kansas City, Marshall has been integrally involved with numerous planning and urban design projects, including the KC Catalytic Urban Redevelopment Initiative, Troost Avenue Zoning Overlay District, Key Coalition Neighborhood Design Plan, 27th & Troost Streetscape + Master Plan, and the 63rd & Prospect Commercial Node Master Plan + Streetscape.

Marshall is a passionate advocate for using empirical research and analysis to foster more transparent, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable decision-making. He received his Master’s of City and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.

Based in Austin, Texas, Marshall is furthering DRAW’s presence outside the Midwest.

Interesting facts about Marshall:

  • Averse to the limelight, Marshall has successfully evaded his 15 minutes of fame on multiple occasions.
  • Anyone who speaks with Marshall at length will eventually hear him weave Philadelphia into the conversation. His love of the city is rooted in its human-scale and endlessly interesting mix of urban anachronism, decay, and cultural vitality.
  • Marshall is an avid reader of books about cities. Among his favorite authors on the topic are Dell Upton, Kevin Lynch, Jane Jacobs, David Lowenthal, Joan Dideon, and William H Whyte.

Contact Marshall | marshall@drawarch.com

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