Location: Shawnee, Kansas

Project led by Dan Maginn, FAIA while a Principal at el dorado inc.

The design concept for the Johnson County Parks & Recreations Dressing Room Facility was straightforward: provide the performers with a functional space to prepare for shows and change between scenes. With more than 50 people dressing and applying makeup at any given time, it can get pretty crazy in there. To increase efficiency the Design Team divided the building down the center and lined the walls with dressing stations – each complete with individual costume storage and stage-quality lighting. Since the building’s primary usage occurs in the hours immediately before and after sundown, the materials playfully interact with both natural and artificial lighting. It is still light out when the performers arrive, and they benefit from diffused daylight that enters the space from both sides as they dress and apply their make-up.

Taking cues from traditional stage crew uniforms comprised of all black, the long walls of the building are constructed out of dark bronze corrugated metal. The dark metal blends in nicely with the other support structures on site. Translucent Polygal makes up the shorter walls and pops of color announce the entrances.


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